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+ Third Night

“Stop staring at him and give me the room keys.” He chuckled. 

“Give me one good reason why I should.” 

“Cause I have information.” Kai grinned. 

That shut her up and she scowled, pulling out keys. 

“If dad asks..”

“I’ll tell him I never saw your ugly face.” She said rolling here eyes at Kai and handed him the key. She then turned to Suho and waved. “Keep this moster in check will you? He likes getting in trouble.” She said before sitting back down at her desk and resuming her meal all but ignoring the young couple. Kai snickered as she spoke and started to pull Suho away from the desk. 

“Come on. You’ll like the room.” He said as he led the elder once again to the elevator. 

Suho had stepped into the hotel, looking around at the open lobby with a curious gaze as his hand tightened around Kai’s slowly. This place was right up his alley and he loved the free, laid out vibe that the place carried and he smiled softly to himself. As they approached the desk, the emptiness didn’t disturb him as he rested into Kai’s side comfortably when an arm wrapped around his waist.

But as soon as a lady came out, his demeanor straightened a bit and the same shy smile came on his lips. Suho didn’t understand the conversation between them per se, just that Kai seemed to know her and she seemed to know his parents. It peeked his interest, but not enough to make him ask as he felt her eyes on him for longer than what he was normally comfortable with.

Kai’s words though tore him out of his thoughts and peeked up at him with a tiny smile before he felt himself being dragged away. “I’ll try!” he called out, waving over his shoulder as he tumbled after the younger boy, laughing softly as they stepped into the elevator. “She was nice…” he commented lightly. “If it’s like the last one, I’m sure I’ll like it.”